A Trusted Name in Roofing for Nearly 100 Years

Here today, here tomorrow. E.D. Chase’s staying power, experience and strong reputation are why so many Wisconsin businesses trust their roofing to E.D. Chase.

Our story began in 1921, when Edward Chase founded a small commercial roofing company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Growing along with trusted companies, the E.D. Chase Company flourished, and became one of Northeast Wisconsin’s most respected full-service commercial and industrial roofing companies.

Our Winning Story Continues

Nearly a century later, E.D. Chase is still a family-owned, full-service roofing specialist serving our customers’ needs, in Wisconsin and locations across the country. While you can find us installing some of today’s most complex new roofing systems, we’re still maintaining the roofs of many of the original facilities we worked on many years ago.

Wisconsin Badger football fans will be interested in knowing that E.D. Chase continues under the leadership of Terry Buss, a safety who contributed to the Badgers’ famous 1974 “upset” season. The lessons Terry learned on the gridiron are still very much part of his life and business.