Roof Inspection/Infrared Survey

Even the slightest roofing problem can cause serious consequences if left unchecked. That’s why E.D. Chase encourages a thorough annual roof walk-through to identify and repair conditions as they develop.

We will provide comprehensive roof inspections, with mapped plans, photos and reports. You’ll spend pennies per square foot to protect your investment, versus paying dollars later.

Our inspections are valuable tools to:

  • Develop an effective preventive maintenance program
  • Support warranty programs
  • Plan capital budgets and long-term facility needs
  • Assist with building purchases, sales or leases
  • Provide documentation for insurance and warranty

Visual Walk and Inspections

Our roofing technicians are trained to visually identify problems and make effective on-the-spot repairs when possible. For critical roofing compromises or larger maintenance projects, complete budgets and recommendations will be developed.

  • Walk-overs with visual inspection
  • Reports with verifying photos
  • Repairs of punctures, splits, fractures, failed fasteners, open seams, rusted areas
  • Application of coatings, if required
  • Removal of debris
  • Repair of damaged sheet metal

Infrared Roof Scans and Surveys

We offer infrared thermographic imaging technology, which reveals wet roof insulation, leaks or moisture that are not visible by the naked eye.

  • Detect areas of trapped moisture or wet insulation
  • Pinpoint and document areas of wet insulation
  • Save thousands of dollars on roof repairs and replacement costs
  • Reduce risk of structural damage and failure
  • Get a highly accurate condition report

Documentation and Warranty Support

  • Complete roofing plans/diagrams with age, history of repairs
  • Blanket purchase orders for immediate emergency repairs
  • Documentation for warranty support
  • Maintenance plans and budget