SUSTAINABLE ROOFING: Saving Energy, Reducing Waste, Managing Cost

Today, sustainability is a key consideration of many companies considering a capital project.

That’s why we offer sustainable and recyclable industrial and commercial roofing options that reduce energy consumption, lower long-term cost and divert materials from the landfill.

Talk with us today about how we can help meet your sustainability goals, and qualify for LEED and energy credits.

Daylighting/Light Tubes

Working with partners like Orion Energy, we offer renewable solutions that use solar light pipes to illuminate building interiors, directing the sun’s natural energy to reduce electrical lighting.

Recyclable Roofing Materials

Ask us about materials that can be recycled, then reprocessed back into usable products, including PVC (vinyl) roofing and metal roofs.

Energy-Efficient Reflective Roofs

New highly reflective roofing materials or coatings are available that reflect the sun’s radiant heat vs. absorb it into the roof. Popular in southern and western regions, reflective roofing can also be beneficial in the Midwest for temperature-critical manufacturing environments or urban facilities.


As part of a roof renovation or replacement, we offer insulating solutions using improved technologies that reduce energy loss, lower energy spend and create more comfortable environments.